Early in the study, public and property owner input was recognized as an essential ingredient of a successful outcome of the research.  Input, in the form of observations, opinions, and insights from waterfront property owners and members of the public has been of significant value to the study.  The study team has therefore taken a proactive approach to maintaining a dialog with all those who have shown an interest in the study.  Outreach efforts in the study include meetings with property owners and the general public, field trips and lectures with the University of Washington, presentations to elected officials, posting of information on a project website, and distribution of a series of newsletters to provide regular updates to waterfront property owners.  The project team also participated in public information sessions organized by Marine Transportation Association of Kitsap and a series of open houses that highlighted the East Kitsap nearshore and the current Salmon Habitat Assessment.  More detailed documentation of the Public Outreach program may be found in Appendix A to Report 5.

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